Downey Chamber of Commerce Invites You To Participate In
The 72nd Annual Christmas Parade


In order to be considered as an entrant for the parade, your application must be entirely filled out. We will not be accepting late applications, or late registration fees (unless otherwise negotiated). Applications are due not later than November 17th, 2023. In addition, any staging information will be communicated ten(10) days prior to the event.

Entry Fee:
Non-profit application are $50. If your organization has any special circumstances please contact the Chamber.

Business Entry:
Business Commercial applications are $200 (nonrefundable). Commercial entrants will not be permitted to have any logos or banners other than the name of their sponsor or own organization.

While submitting your application, please provide a sketch of your float concept. We will not allow floats if they are not self-propelled. Upon review of your sketch, we will notify you if approve or denied. Furthermore, your float must also be in compliance with the Fire Code, and must also be comprised of only fire resistance materials. Your float is also subject to inspection prior to the parade by local Fire Department authorities.

Basic Guidelines

  • 1. The state time of the parade is 1pm (please be sufficiently early)
  • 2. If your entry is not either 1)commercial or 2)non-commercial, it will be subject to denial by the organization.
  • 3. Under no circumstances will any Santa Claus be allowed to participate in the festivity, unless first approved by the organization.
  • 4. Participants must be comparably uniformed and dresses neatly and appropriately to their respective float.
  • 5. All floats and entries will be required to walk in the middle space between two lanes. Your must stay as close to the middle to provide sufficient distance between the audience and your unit.
  • 6. Any changes to your application, post submission, must be screened by the organization prior to re-approval. Please contact the organization if extenuating circumstances arise.
  • 7. The action of tossing, throwing, or even handing out Anything during the parade by any unit is strictly prohibited by organization.
  • 8. We strongly encourage and require entries to remain non-controversial, politically neutral and respectful of all cultures and backgrounds.
  • 9. If you unit requires sound equipment, it must be self-propelled. Any vehicle or car of any kind will not be permitted for use as a platform for this equipment.
  • 10. In order to keep the flow and momentum of the parade moving smoothly, stopping is not allowed. You will be instructed to continue along.
  • 11. Horses will be station on Downey/Florence. You are responsible for the clean up of your horses (At check-in location & parade route).

Essential Guidelines

  • 1. Your application must be approved by the organization. All rules must be adhered therein, in order to approved by the organization.
  • 2. Any violation of the aforementioned rules may subject the applicant to disqualification or removal from the parade.
  • 3. No sirens, noise machines, or weapons of ANY KIND will be permitted on the site of the parade.

72nd Annual Downey Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade Application

Holidays at Home
Sunday, December 3, 2023 @1:00pm

Business and Commercial applications= $200 per entry fee
Non-profits= $50 per entry fee

Make check payable to: Downey Chamber of Commerce
Mailing address: 11131 Brookshire Ave., Downey, CA 90241

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11131 Brookshire Ave Downey CA 90241  •  Phone: 562 923 2191